Learn how the 3VR VMS, which features an easy-to use and powerful user interface


It's Just Better. For Now, and For the Future.

Learn how the 3VR VMS, which features an easy-to use and powerful user interface, helps you solve crime faster, resolve IT headaches and gain business intelligence. Bundled with our range of hybrid and network video recorders, or as a standalone software for your best-in-class IT servers.

Download the VMS datasheet here

Smart Search


Save Time and Money with 3VR’s powerful forensic search engine.

3VR’s search features harness the speed and power of leading Internet search engines with the ability to search video for meaningful and actionable information with the click of a mouse. Look for license plates, faces, colors, motion quickly and efficiently. No more fast-forwarding or rewinding through video for suspect and important data. No other company offers this kind of functionality and power in a video recording system.

Case Manager

mukam Solve investigations faster and more efficiently

Manage evidence (events, people, documents, etc.) relevant to an ongoing investigation on a centralized interface.
Effortlessly store suspect information and associated videos in an easy-to-manage file. Case Manager makes it painless to share the case details and supporting evidence with management or law enforcement. You won’t believe how much time you will save and wonder how you got by without it all these years.

Easy Data Integration

mukam Quickly pull data from your existing systems and push video out.

3VR integrates with Access Control, Central Station, POS, Exception-based Reporting, Sensor, and ATM & Teller systems. Benefit from faster deployment times and a wider selection of custom solutions.
Allows for transaction and POS data to be shown in real-time as a layer atop the stored and live video in all 3VR Applications.
For example, POS data can be streamed in real time over the video from a channel focused on a cash register.

Full-range Camera Support

mukam IP, Analog, PTZ and Megapixel, we connect you better.

3VR supports cameras from most major manufacturers, easing the transition from analog to IP. Learn more about Camera Integration.
Many widely used cameras have been tested and verified in our labs for compatibility with our video management software.
Smart cameras: 3VR supports special camera features unique to various manufacturers such as camera stitching, virtual cameras, on-demand recording, and more.

Built-in & Custom Applications

mukam Do more on one powerful, intuitive system.

3VR’s VMS features a powerful set of built-in and premium applications, which customers can use to manage and enhance the performance of video infrastructure across thousands of sites.

Built-in applications: OpCenter, Spot Monitor, System Manager. Premium applications include Alert Viewer and Report Viewer. Applications make video viewing, investigating and reporting fast and simple, while local and remote management tools ensure optimal uptime and performance.

Video Intelligence

mukam Use 3VR video analytics to solve crimes faster and gain business intelligence.

3VR’s VMS supports the industry’s most advanced, comprehensive range of analytics, allowing customers to capture, index, catalog and search faces, license plates, and receive real-time alerts and reports.

Video analytics included: Facial Surveillance, License Plate Recognition and Advanced Object Tracking.

Premium applications include Alert Viewer and Report Viewer. Alert Viewer notifies a user when suspicious activity, individuals or vehicles are identified while Report Viewer allows users to generate, view and export reports based on any 3VR Analytic to gain valuable business intelligence.

Enterprise Deployments

mukam Seamless large-scale multi-site installations.

With centralized system administration, 3VR’s System Manager enables remote or local configuration of any 3VR appliance.

Real-time health checks and alerts immediately notify administrators about system component failures.
And with single-sign-on, the ability to apply software updates, and back-ups of configurations, 3VR System Manager reduces the cost of managing a complex national or global deployment.