Excellant Security’s unique, committed and professional approach combined with vast knowledge and skills experienced management and technical teams ensure reliable, cost-effective security solutions for businesses and organisations. Together with ongoing extensive training and development of personnel, ESP provides businesses with a trusted and reliable security technology solutions partner.

About Us



The primary reason most organisations require a security system is for asset protection. Monitoring the behaviour of suspects, protecting property and monitoring vehicle activity near property is essential in order to prevent and recover loss to maintain business operations. ESP security solutions allow customers to monitor threats in real-time to dramatically reduce losses and increase bottom line.


Leading companies and public agencies rely on security measures to speed investigations and solve more crimes using fewer resources. ESP security solutions elevate the investigative power of organisations to correlate visual intelligence with point of sale (POS), ATM, access control systems, and other data using innovative analytics such as facial surveillance, licence plate recognition and advanced object tracking.


Analysing customer behaviour data is an essential component to grow a business in the 21st Century. ESP security solutions provide video intelligence that delivers a competitive advantage to businesses by bringing extraordinary clarity to the analysis of customer activity and business operations, which in turn, increases effectiveness of marketing, logistics, merchandising, customer service and retail operations demands.