Facial Surveillance

Our much-acclaimed Facial Surveillance analytic enables security personnel to capture...

Facial Surveillance


Our much-acclaimed Facial Surveillance analytic enables security personnel to capture, index and catalog faces and any video associated with them.
A core feature of our video analytics, Facial Surveillance allows you to reduce investigation times and build stronger cases to submit to law enforcement through our powerful search, alerting and case management capabilities.


  • Find persons of interest faster when investigating cases of fraud, robbery or identity theft across all 3VR video management platforms deployed through your enterprise.
  • Improve efficiency of your security team by capturing, indexing and cataloging faces and the video associated with transactions, enabling faster searches.
  • Protect assets better by setting alerts for suspects using facial similarity searching.

Face Capture Optimization

Facial Surveillance sites should be at choke points with good lighting and where people stop (e.g. ATM, Teller, Customer Service, View Display, etc.).

Facial Surveillance is available on all 3VR VIP Appliances and can be purchased on a per channel basis

Analog or IP cameras. For IP cameras, video quality must be set to "highest" (if there is no video quality setting, set to lowest compression). Use wide dynamic range cameras for outdoor lighting situations.

Uniform lighting is ideal. Outdoor lighting situations should employ wide dynamic range cameras. Backlighting (bright conditions behind the car) will negatively affect performance.

Balanced Lighting
Wide dynamic range in the face.

Horizontal Angle
Both ears visible.

Field of view (Head Size)
No more than 4.5 feet.
No wider then wrists of outstretched arms.
Face/Head at least 1/7 or 15% of width of image.


  3VR S-Series 3VR P-Series 3VR X-Series
Ability to add analytics as software upgrades.
Real time analysis of video for real time alerting, viewing and search.
Adding analytics does not require buying additional hardware.
Ability to verify authenticity of video and events through watermarking method (e.g. SHA-1)
Analytic-triggered alerts.
Search by analytics (outside of alerts) (e.g. search in a region, or search for a specific person where no alert has been set).
API to integrate data from external, non-video system such as transaction, POS, and access control.
Ability to adjust all types of recording settings (such as resolution, quality, fps, motion-based or continuous recording) remotely.
Ability to configure storage settings (such as RAID configurations) remotely Remote health monitoring