ExacqVision is the world’s leading Video Management System.



ExacqVision is the world’s leading Video Management System. For medium-to-large organisations primarily in need of asset protection and crime prevention, ExacqVision is an unrivalled solution that utilizes beautiful, world-class IP technology video and a user-friendly interface for their security and surveillance applications.


exacqVision’s open architecture VMS software ensures interoperability with IP cameras, servers and storage systems from manufacturers such as IBM, HP and Dell. Open architecture software allows customers the ability to select the highest quality components from a wide variety of manufacturers. exacqVision supports all of the leading IP video cameras from Axis Communications, Arecont Vision, IQinvision, GE, Panasonic, Sony, ACTi, CBC Ganz, Vivotek, and more. Open architecture VMS software also provides flexibility of choosing the storage system that best fits the requirements by using the operating systems file system to map the system drives for video storage. Customers may select internal disk storage, RAID, iSCSI, DAS or SAN.


  • Advanced virtual matrix switching and display engalbes deployment of sophisticated surveillance solutions for remote and centralised monitoring
  • Virtual matrix switching automatically routes video to monitors upon internal/external events
  • Fast PTZ control and automated camera touring route vidceo to designated display based on external events or manual control
  • External events include triggers from contact closure sensors, video motion, serial & IP streams from access control, building automation, ATM and POS systems

Exacq Ease of Integration

  • Video can be integrated with text from access control, ATM and POS systems
  • VMS software is based on plugin architecture and new plugins are developed to add functionality and expand device integration
  • Software developer’s toolkit is available for developers that need integration at the file or system level