Camera integration page

Through rigorous testing of cameras, availability of specific and generic drivers....

Camera integration page

Through rigorous testing of cameras, availability of specific and generic drivers, 3VR enables seamless integration and greater interoperability of our products with your network of surveillance cameras.

Our 3VR video management system and video recorders are compatible with analog and a wide range of IP cameras. All cameras listed below have been tested and verified in our laboratories. Other cameras are supported by design: we provide specific drivers for various manufacturers and generic drivers that conform to industry standards. 3VR partners can access a more complete list of the camera models supported, with testing and driver information, on the 3VR Integrator Support Portal.

If you are interested in a camera not listed here, please contact your 3VR Sales Representative about integration with specific manufacturers or models.

Access Control and Alarm

access control3VR’s video intelligence platform integrates with leading access control solutions, including Software House, Hirsch, Lenel and DMP, providing unprecedented visibility into organizational activity and the use of access cards, and the ability to view all access events in a particular area. Our platform is also compatible with most alarm panels and systems. When an alarm is triggered, the video management system can respond in a number of ways, from alerting security staff and increasing the frame rate and resolution of recording to allowing security professionals to view live video.

ATM and Teller

atm & tellerOur video management system has ready-made integrations for most major ATM and Teller platforms, including Diebold, Wincor and NCR, allowing companies to find video associated with a particular transaction, account, teller, and more. 3VR helps reduce investigation times by conducting faster searches for video and events by ATM receipt data. 3VR makes it possible to search by photo and ATM transaction to correlate fraudulent transactions and help stop organized crime rings.

Point of Sale (POS)

point-of-saleQuickly pinpoint organized retail theft using the 3VR video management platform’s advanced Point-of-Sale integration capabilities. Monitor key transaction types such as returns or "no sales" with saved searches, or use real-time transaction overlay on video to make reviewing transactions fast and easy. 3VR integrates with virtually any POS system, as well as out-of-the-box integrations.

Exception-based Reporting

Exception-Based Reporting3VR integrates easily with major Exception-based Reporting (EBR) systems, which take the data from Point-of-Sale (POS) registers for an analysis of potential fraud patterns. Retailers can link their EBR software with the 3VR platform to instantly view and search surveillance footage associated with suspicious activities such as repeated low value transactions, no-sales, questionable returns, excessive discounts and more. The combined solution saves retailers the costly and time-consuming step of further investigating trends to determine if fraudulent activity is taking place.

Central Station

Central StationGet a much more complete view of security activities through an integration of the 3VR video surveillance system with your Central Station platform. The enhanced solution improves security monitoring by increasing and enhancing the information flowing to Central Stations with video-based alerts on faces, license plates, motion and other key triggers. Security personnel can receive alerts from other systems such as access control, alarm and other sensor systems into the Central Station, which matches these signals to video footage from the 3VR platform. This capability reduces false alarms by allowing operators to distinguish real security threats from false ones.


Electronic Article Surveillance3VR integrates with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, which notify staff when someone removes an EAS tag from a location or attempts to remove a tag from merchandise. Our video management system can respond in a variety of ways, including alerting staff vie e-mail or on-screen or increasing the frame rate and recording quality of video. We have integrated with technology leaders such as MTI and Sennco.